If you are struggling with marketing for your creative business, don't know where to start, or just want some tips and advice tailored specifically to artists and makers, then don't miss this online Marketing Strategy Workshop with Tierna Byrne.

Hosted by Tierna Byrne, a specialist in branding, marketing strategy & design for small business owners, this tailor-made session will help artists and creatives to learn how to spread the word about their work through a more carefully considered marketing strategy.

The session will have a focus on online marketing including using social media platforms such as Instagram, Linkedin and Facebook to promote your work to potential customers.

Tierna will also give insights into why you may wish to choose to have a website as opposed to using an online marketplace to sell your work. She will also explain the benefits of having a wider marketing strategy including the likes of email marketing and search engine optimisation as opposed to focusing only one promotional tool such as offline marketing or your preferred social media channel. 

Tierna Byrne | Marketing Consultant & Brand Designer

Award winning Marketer & specialist in brand design, creative content and marketing strategy.


Dates and times

1.5 hours



Tierna Byrne

Professionally practicing artists, makers, or creative practitioners/businesses

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