Kiri Cottage Crafts

Spinning and Weaving | Open Studio: Sun 11 Aug, 12noon - 4pm |

Studio Workshops: available for pre-booking


6 Loughdoo Road
BT22 1HJ
United Kingdom

Open Studio | Sun 11 Aug, 12noon - 4pm

Talk and demo of how raw fleece is processed to wool. I will talk through and demonstrate each step of the process, and there will be wool available for purchase (cash, PayPal, bank transfer). Visitors can 'have a go' at a number of the steps, if they would like to, under supervision.

Tea, coffee, homemade Irish breads and cake available free and on tap during visits (current food hygiene of 5).

Studio has a ramp up to it, wide enough for a wheelchair. Plenty of seating.

If the weather is good enough I will set up in the garden.

Parking available on site.

Toilet facilities available, though not currently wheelchair accessible (in processing of resolving this, and may be available by then - please contact in advance if you would like details).

Christine Casey weaving in her studio