Savannah Dodd

Photography | Open Studio: Sat 10 Aug and Sun 11 Aug, 12noon - 4pm


1B Marlfield Road
BT22 1PH
United Kingdom

Open Studio

Photography | Open Studio: Sat 10 Aug and Sun 11 Aug, 12noon - 4pm

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I will show visitors my studio and darkroom. I will show them the equipment I use to process film negatives, to make anthotypes, and to make darkroom prints. I will simulate these processes to show how the equipment works. I will also have a wide range of prompts and examples to help people to better understand the photographic processes I use. For example, I will have anthotypes in progress developing in the window and I will display a range of jars of emulsions that I have made from foraged plants.

I will talk through the work with visitors as they come through and answer any questions that they have. I would be happy to pin down a time for a more formal artist's talk, if formalising it would be preferred.

Work will be on display and for sale. I will be able to accept cash and card payments using Stripe or Paypal. My studio is upstairs, so it is not accessible for those with mobility difficulties. We have two on-street parking spaces. If needed, we can also open our driveway for parking. We have accessible toilet facilities.